Wedding Packages: Essentials

If money isn’t an issue, or even if it is and you’re looking to show just how much you care, please check out our extras page. Love Story interviews, engraved video iPods pre-loaded with your wedding video, rehearsal dinner coverage, add your own audio commentary, and more!

All of our packages come with two videographers.  When it comes to filming something as important as your wedding day, you don’t want to risk missing an important moment by having just a single camera present!  We’ve seen videos where grandma pauses in front of the camera during a crucial shot, or a guest bumps in to the tripod, knocking it off-shot for several moments.  With two angles, though, we’re sure to get everything — and you still pay less with us than you do for a single shooter with some of the bigger companies!

This table gives an overview of the services each particular package comes with. Please view below for more details.

Package Accessories Package One Two Three
Videographers 2 2 2
Cameras Used 3 (2 manned) 2 2
Hours On-Site Up to 10 7 4
Raw Footage Yes Yes Yes
Package One $1100.00
- Complete coverage up to eight hours!
- Preparation + Ceremony + Reception
- Family + Reception + Wedding Party Interviews / Comments
- Fully-Edited Feature (90+ minutes) x 5
- Highlights Video (3-5 minutes)
- All footage on DVD

This package includes everything to make your memories utterly unforgettable. Our team will show up any time you want us and stay for up to ten hours!  From the earliest preparations to the final departure, we can be there for it all.  You’ll get five fully-edited, sparkling videos to share with friends and family, and enough footage to remember every moment of your special day. Any other videography company asks at least two thousand dollars for comparable service!

Package Two $750.00
- Up to seven hours on-site
- Preparation + Ceremony + Reception
- Family + Reception Interviews / Comments
- Long Highlights Video (custom, 90minutes+) x 3
- Highlights Video (3-5 minutes)
- All footage on DVD
Package Three $600.00
- Up to four hours on-site
- Ceremony + Reception
- Family Interviews / Comments
- Long Highlights Video (custom, 45minutes+) x 3
- All footage on DVD

Our most popular package, this is proven to provide what everyone seems to be looking for: time enough to capture all your most precious moments, three fully-edited, beautiful videos to treasure forever (one for you and one for each set of parents), and a lasting quality that’ll make you want to watch the events of the day over and over again.

*Additional time on-site is charged at the rate of $100.00 per hour for two videograpers & equipment.

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